The Lewisburg Community Garden utilizes only organic, cruelty-free methods to grow our produce. The specific harms of conventional pesticides are well-documented as being harmful to air, soil, and water quality across the globe. Some pesticides, if applied improperly or overused, can cause nerve damage, irritation, and inflammation, which can be poisonous or fatal to humans and animals alike. Research has shown that more than 95% of pesticides and insecticides reach destinations other than their target species; In order to eliminate any possible contamination, our plot renters are contractually obligated to use only approved pesticides, repellents, and pest management methods.

The following organic pesticides and repellents have been approved for use by our Garden staff:

(Adapted from Bloomington, IN Community Garden Guidelines)

Approved Fertilizers

Disapproved Fertilizers

Organic compost

Animal manures (composted or aged before use; never use fresh manure)

Alfalfa meal

Blood meal

Hoof and horn meal

Kelp or seaweed (liquid or powder)

Fish emulsion

Rock phosphate

Soft phosphate (colloidal)

Bone meal

Wood ashes

Granite or feldspar dust


Synthetic fertilizers of any kind (e.g. Miracle Gro)

ANY formulations containing sewage sludge (e.g. Milorganite)

DAP and MAP (ammonium phosphates)

Chilean nitrate

Superphosphate (acidulated phosphates)

Chilean nitrate of potash (15-0-14)

Muriate of potash, KCl (0-0-60)

Charcoal/Cigarette ashes

Approved Pesticides/Pest Management

Disapproved Pesticides/Pest Management

Cage traps (consult with garden staff first)

Row cover

Garlic/Onion/Vegetable oils

Biodegradable insecticidal soaps

BT (Bacillus Thuringiensis)

Diatomaceous Earth

Bicarbonates (sodium or potassium)

Isopropyl alcohol

Hydrogen peroxide

Neem Oil*




Formulations containing copper (e.g. Bordeaux Mix)*

ANY synthetic pesticides (Bug B Gon, Captan, Diazinon, Insectagon, Kelthane, Lindane, malathion, Permethrin, Sevin, Thuricide, etc.)

Nicotine in any form



Gasoline/Diesel oils

Approved Herbicides

Disapproved Herbicides

White vinegar + squirt of soap (spray on leaves ONLY)**

Boiling water (allowed, but not recommended)

Plastic covers for weed control*

ANY synthetic herbicides (Round-Up, Preen ‘n Green, Weed-B-Gon, etc)

Fire/Flame weeders


*Please contact garden staff before use.

**Vinegar can lower soil pH to dangerously low levels. Please use extreme care in application


Approved Fertilizers, Pesticides, & Herbicides (pdf)


As a plot renter, if you would like to use an organic, cruelty-free pest protection that is not on this list, you must contact Garden Staff to discuss its use. Failure to communicate with Garden Staff before using unapproved chemicals may result in indiscriminate removal of contaminated crops.



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