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THANK YOU & Survey

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May 7th, 2016 was a day I was looking forward to for a really, really, long time. All the hard work that went into growing and caring for our plants culminated in a really great 5-hour sale. The outpouring of support that this local community continues to provide for the Lewisburg Community Garden continues to astound me. I’m really thankful to be part of a community that translates that passion for local projects into actions that will sustain us for the long term. All in all, we broke our fundraising goal of $3,000 and sold very nearly 1,300 plants! Our most popular item was flowers (and just in time for Mother’s Day).

We had a great time with running the sale and we hope we planted the seeds to help make your garden more successful this year. We did hear from a number of people that there were some things they were disappointed we didn’t grow —If you have ANY requests for next year, please let us know HERE.

Big thanks to Mark Spiro, Sean Mendoza & CORE Susquehanna, Lynn Pierson, Holly & Rigel Valentine, Jose Figueroa, Kathy Graham, Annie Conley, Tasha Hall, and Kyle Bray. Sorry if I missed anyone!