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Food Justice is Social Justice

How a society meets the most basic needs of the human beings living in it can tell you a lot about that society. Who is able to get healthy food that nourishes their bodies? How are the people that grow it treated? How does food relate to the communities and the environment in which it is grown? Who goes hungry and whose health suffers? By asking these questions we can start to examine where our world might not be living up to our ideals or our needs, and we can try to take steps, as individuals and in our communities, to make necessary changes.

The resources below provide some opportunities to learn more about food justice as it relates to other social justice issues including the environment, racism, classism, and nationalism.

This area will be expanded over time with wisdom and insight from our members as well as activists and gardeners around the world! If you have a particular area of interest you’d like to write on, or outside resources to share, please email us at!

Food for Thought

4 Ways to Join the Food Justice Movement as a Total Beginner– Self Magazine

4 Not-so-easy-ways to dismantle racism in the food system– Yes magazine

Why we can’t separate justice and sustainability in the food system– Union of Concerned Scientists

Organizations that Inspire us:

The Black Church Food Security Network

Food Chain Workers Alliance

The Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance

Planting Justice

Soul Fire Farm