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Garden People

Current Staff:

Jen Schneidman Partica

Farm and Garden Manager

Carl Nelson

Farm and Garden Coordinator

Carl Nelson fell in love with the Lewisburg Community Garden in the spring of 2020, a few months after he moved to Central PA for the first time. He believes getting our hands in the soil to grow our own food is one of the most radical and revolutionary things we can do. Carl is always looking for more ways to incorporate justice into the systems of his communities. 

From 2020-2021, Carl served as the AmeriCorps Education and Outreach Coordinator at the Lewisburg Community Garden. Then, Carl was the Farm and Garden Assistant. And since 2022, Carl has been the Farm and Garden Coordinator here at the Lewisburg Community Garden and the Bucknell University Farm. 

Theresa Dollar

AmeriCorps Food Access Coordinator

Irene Hu

AmeriCorps Food Program Education Coordinator

Past Americorps People