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Past Americorps Members

Two side by side images each of a previous Americorps member. One is standing in the garden behind a newly cleared bed, lifting a zucchini above her head. The other, pictured on the right, stands in front of the gate holding carrots in one hand and carrot tops in the other.

Through our partnership with the Civic Engagement Office at Bucknell, we have been lucky enough to have the following amazing people dedicate their time, energy, and talents to the garden.

2021-2022: Lauren Ziolkowski

2020-2021: Carl Nelson, Lauren Ziolkowski

2019-2020: Rachel Hermann, Sarah Wochele

2018-2019: Kacey McKnight

2016-2017: Scarlett Littman

2015-2016: Matt Varner

2014-2015: Kevin Zuidervlet

2013-204: Ben Schneider

We would also like to thank our awesome part-time and/or summer Americorps folks: Jesse Horning, Sarah Wochele, Elise Rubenstein, Traci Eschbach, Meghan Balot, Tamara Hijazi, Casey Danowsky, Fern Swartzentreuber, Krista Hays, Jasmin Johnson, Sarah Frank, Taylor McCready, Meg Ritchie